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Cross Beater Mill

For crushing soil, bricks, concrete, rock, cement clinker, coal, glass, ores, minerals, rare earth products, chemicals, spices, grain and hundreds of other materials up to medium-hard range.

  • 200gm to 50kg/hr
  • Feed size up to 30mm
  • Coarse, medium or fine grinding
  • Linings available in cast iron, chrome steel and stainless steel

The deservedly popular Cross Beater Mill is used for crushing and grinding a wide assortment of materials up to the medium-hard range, within a variety of industries, including construction, environmental, mineral, chemical, agricultural and ceramic. The mill is remarkable for combining small size with strength and power for heavy duty application and continuous operation.

Controlled by a regulator material passes from the hopper into the grinding chamber, where it is pulverised between the hard grooved door and chamber linings, as well as by the impact of the three rotating beater tips on the beater arms.

The mill processes samples from 200 grams up to a maximum of about 50kg/hr, with an initial lump size of up to 30mm down to a finest end particle size of approximately 50 microns. For continuous throughput, material is fed into the mill by means of a vaibratory feeder fitted above the hopper. output varies according to the nature of the product and the screen mesh size.

Interchangeable screens, with fourteen different hole diameters, determine the final particle size. The bulk of the ground product is reduced to a size much finer than the screen holes. For example, when grinding friable, medium-hard substances using a 0.5mm screen, the approximate percentages which pass through the following BS mesh sieves are:-

  • 100% through BS mesh 72 (0.212mm)
  • 98% through BS mesh 85 (0.18mm)
  • 95% through BS mesh 100 (0.15mm)
  • 70% through BS mesh 150 (0.106mm)
  • 40% through BS mesh 200 (0.075mm)

Screens are changed quickly and simply by sliding them in and out of the recess provided. They are available in stainless steel with the following hole sizes:- 0.12, 0.2, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0 and 10mm, and in heavy duty carbon steel with hole sizes:- 6.0, 8.0 and 10mm.

The housing is of heavy duty cast iron. The grinding chamber lining and door lining are available in cast iron, chrome steel and stainless steel, beater arms in cast iron and stainless steel, and beater tips in chrome steel and stainless steel. cast iron is the hardest of the three, the least expensive and most frequently used. Chrome steel is usually selected for grinding abrasive materials. stainless steel is used for applications demanding improved chemical resistance, as well as for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Safety Features

  • A stainless steel cross-bar is fitted across the top of the feed hopper, restricting hand access but allowing unobstructed passage for the product.
  • The mill cannot be switched on untill the door is fully closed.
  • A brake motor, operated by a fail-safe micro-switch, brings the beater arm to an instant halt if the door is opened during operation.
  • A specially designed outlet chute prevents access to moving parts from underneath, even with the screen removed.

Other Features

  • Beater tips can be resharpened and their position can be re-adjusted to maintain performance
  • The mill can be stand-mounted or bolted to a bench
  • A 5-litre receptacle with filter tube and clamps is included
  • A 30-litre receptacle is available as an optional accessory (customers' own containers or sacks can be attached, if required)
  • Dust-free and easy to clean

The mill is powered by a 1.1 kW 3000 rpm motor, supplied for use on single-phase or three-phase power supplies. (other voltages can be supplied on request.) An integral mill-mounted push button starter and motor protection device are fitted as standard.

Dimensions & weight of mill, stand-mounted (approx.):- 113 H x 56 W x 70cm D.

52kg nett, 62kg gross.

Sample Mixer Mill M. 280

  • Fast, accurate sample preparation to the most stringent requirements of analytical spectroscopy and analytical chemistry
  • Ultra-fine grinding and homogenous mixing, dry or wet
  • Grinding and mixing containers available in Alumina, Agate, Polystyrene, Hardened Stell, Tungsten Carbide and Zirconia


  • The M. 280 has been an industry standard for more than 30 years
  • Also used for blending, diluting, dispersing, emulsifying, etc
  • Completely uniform distribution of constituent components is achieved so that even the smallest part will be truly representative of the whole
  • The entire sample can be recovered - there are no losses during grinding or mixing
  • Strict control over contamination; introduction of abraded particles is reduced to the very minimum and kept under control by the choice of appropriate grinding and mixing containers
  • Dust-proof due to the use of closed containers, hence often used for toxic, irritant and radioactive samples
  • Grinding capacity from about 1 to 10ml
  • Mixing capacity from about 1 to 50ml. (for volumes larger than 50ml, we recommend the TURBULA Shaker-Mixer)

Size: 38 x41 x 30cm
Weight: 24kg (net), 29kg (gross)
Power: 220/240V, 50Hz, 1/3 h.p. motor

Operating Principle
Grinding and mixing takes place in sealed containers, shaken at high speed in a three-dimensional figure-of-eight motion. The violent and complex movement in three mutually perpendicular directions is repeated 1,000 times per minute. Dimensions of the containers are calculated to take full advantage of these displacements and the resulting high grinding energy.

Mixing is usually carried out without the addition of ball pestles. The homogeneity achieved satisfies the stringent requirements of spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction studies and analytical chemistry.

For grinding, one or two ball pestles are added, which crush the material by impact. The distance of travel in each direction, the speed and dimensions of the container are correlated in such a way that the ball travels along the entire axis of the container and, with each movement, strikes a different portion of the substance.

Continuously adjustable jaws on the container clamp can be easily opened and closed to allow the use of various sizes of grinding and mixing vessels, from 45mm to 80mm in length and up to 57mm in diameter. Containers smaller than 45mm can be held by suitable inserts. With the appropriate adaptor, as many as seven smaller samples can be run at one time.

The machine is supplied with a push button, 30 minute resettable timer to ensure reproducable running times and comparable results. The mill's sheet metal housing is coated with chemically resistant paint, and vibration-absorbing mounting allows quiet bench-top operation. The M. 280 incorporates all current safety requirements.

Grinding and Mixing Containers for the M. 280

The grinding containers should be harder than the material to be ground and of a substance which will not interfere with the subsequent analysis.

Handling a sample always contaminates it. the key to a successful interference-free analysis is to handle the sample so that contaminants are predictable, are present only at very low levels, or are not elements sought by the analyst.

Grinding containers are available in a wide selection of materials - alumina, agate, hardened tool steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia and (particularly for mixing) polystyrene, which precludes metalic contamination.

Containers for the Sample Mixer Mill M. 280
Price £850.00 £420.00 £910.00 £920.00 £340.00
Container Material Hardened Tool Steel Tungsten carbide Alumina Agate Polystyrene Polystyrene Zirconia Hardened stainless Steel
Catalogue No. 27-296 27-298 27-297 27-299 27-286 27-287 27-8005 27-8007
Diameter 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm 33mm 54mm 63mm 57mm
Length 76mm 60mm 70mm 70mm 76mm 63mm 68mm 76mm
Balls: No. & Dia. 2 x 12mm
4 x 6mm
2 x 11mm 1 x 12mm 2 x 12mm
2 x 9mm
not included not included 2 x 12mm 4 x 12mm
End-caps Screw-on, steel Screw-on, tungsten carbide Slip-on, alumina ceramic Slip-on, agate Slip-on, polyethylene Screw-on, plastic Slip-on, zirconia steel Screw-on, stainless
Volume (approx.) 65ml 50ml 40ml 40ml 65ml 135ml 45ml 65ml
Grinding Capacity (max.) 10ml 10ml 8ml 8ml - - 8ml 10ml
Mixing Capacity (max.) 25ml 25ml 20ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 20ml 25ml
Wet Grinding/ Mixing # # *(1) - # *(2) #*(2) - #
Dry Grinding/ Mixing # # # # #*(2) #*(2) # #

*(1) Wet grinding/mixing is possible with special clamp 27-8015
*(2) Generally used for mixing only. However, certain soft substances can be ground in polystyrene containres.

Dust/liquid seal between cylinders and end caps is effected by 'O' rings or gaskets.

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