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  • Lovibond model 2000

    The comparitor consists of a robust pocket case made of solvent and acid-resitant plastics, which accomodates a comparitor disc containing a range of colour standards and two sample cells of up to 40mm light path length. Measurement is made by comparison of a sample of the test solution against a disc representing the colour range produced by known concentrations of the test material. Viewing is carried out by transmitted light which may be north daylight or from the white light cabinet available as an accessory.

    Ordering information
    C51-100 - Lovibond 2000 supplied with instructions but without discs, cells or accessories. 30.00


  • White light cabinet

    Illuminant C artificial day light, Dimensions (lxwxh)290x180x140mm, Electrical requirements 240V 50 Hz, Supplied with daylight correction filter.

    Ordering information
    C-51110White light cabinet - 170.00

  • Portable daylight unit

    Pocket-size unit only 80x60x100mm, fits neatly onto the back of the comparator 2000. Powered by rechargeable batteries with 'battery low' indicator.

    Ordering information
    C51-112 - Portable daylight unit - 74
    C51-114 - Recharger unit 240V - 22.30
    C51-120 - Comparitor cell, path length 13.5mm, graduated,12x1ml. Pack of 5. - 14.40
    C51-122 - Plastic lids for C51-120. Pack of 10. - 3.00
    C51-125 - Comparitor cell, path length 10mm, widthxheight 17x75mm - 12.80

  • Nessler attachment

    Accepts Nessler cylinders of up to 250mm path length, for assessment of dilute or pale coloured solutions. May be used with natural daylight or with the white light cabinet.

    Dimensions lxwxh, 110x100x370mm

    Ordering information
    C51-140 - Nessler attachment for comparator - 198
    C51-145 - Nessler cylinders 250mm optical path. Pair - 33.30
    C51-150 - Nessler cylindars 113mm optical path. Pair - 8.90

  • Comparator discs

    A wide range of standard comparator discs are available, of which a small selection of those in common use is given below. A comprehensive range of discs is available on request.

             Test        Method             Range                Disc ref   Each
    C51180   Ammonia     Nessler's reagent  0.02 to 0.2mg/ltr NH3   NAA    £35.49
    C51182   Ammonia     Nessler's reagent  0.1 to 0.52mg/ltr NH3   NAB    £35.49
    C51184   Ammonia     Nessler's reagent  0.56 to 1.2mg/ltr NH3   NAC    £35.49
    C51186   Ammonia     Nessler's reagent  1.2 to 2.0mg/ltr NH3    NAD    £35.49

    C51200 Chlorine DPD tablets 0.1 to 1.0ppm 3/40A £35.49 C51205 Chlorine DPD tablets 0.2 to 4.0ppm 3/40B £35.49

    C51206 Hazen scale Colour match 5 to 70mg Pt/ltr NSA £61.80 C51207 Hazen scale Colour match 70 to 250mg Pt/ltr NSB £61.80 C51208 Hazen scale Colour match 0 to 30mg Pt/ltr CAA £61.80 C51209 Hazen scale Colour match 30 to 70mg Pt/ltr CAB £61.80

    C51211 Ozone DPD tablets 0.1 to 1.0mg/ltrO3 3/67 £35.49 C51212 Ozone DPD tablets 0.01 to 1.10mg/ltrO3 3/67A £35.49 C51213 Ozone DPD tablets 0.05 to 0.45mg/ltrO3 3/67S £42.59 C51214 Ozone DPD tablets 0.01 to 0 3mg/ltrO3 NOR £35.49

    C51215 pH Thymol blue 1.2 to 2.8 2/1A £35.49 C51220 pH Bromophenol blue 2.8 to 4.4 2/1B £35.49 C51225 pH Methyl red 4.4 to 6.0 2/1 E £35.49 C51230 pH Bromothymol blue 6 to 7.6 2/1H £35.49 C51235 pH Cresol red 7.2 to 8.8 2/1 K £35.49 C51240 pH Thymol blue 8.0 to 9.6 2/1L £35.49 C51245 pH Universal 4.0 to 11.0 2/1 P £35.49

    C51250 Swimming DPD for chlorine 0.5 to 6.0mg/ltr pools Phenol red for pH 7.0 to 8.0pH 3/40D £35.49

    ¨ Reagents and test tablets available please enquire.

    * To request further information please Email
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