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  • Portable Conductivity Meter Jenway, Waterproof Premier range model 4200

    A waterproof (to IP66 specification) portable Conductivity TDS meter capable ot measuring 0-200mS over five automatically switched ranges using a single cell. The 4200S software also enables results to be calculated and reported as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in mg/l, Salinity in g/l or Resistivity in Mohms.

    The unique measuring cell is of configured 4-plate solid state design guaranteeing linear response over a wide conductivity range whilst minimising the effects of electrode fouling. Cell Constant values may be entered directly if the value is known. Single and multipoint calibrations may also be performed to ensure continued accuracy even when working over extended ranges. All results are automatically temperature compensated and may be referenced to any one of three temperature values. Temperatures may be displayed in either C or F and temperature coefficients between 0.00 and 9 99%/C may be entered directly via the set up menu.

    A pure water mode is also available and enacts the non-linear temperature cnefficient characteristics associated with low conductivity waters

    The 4200 has the capacity to store up to 100 time and date stamped readings in its non-volatile memory and these are retained even in the event of battery failure or replacement Stored results may easily be recalled onto the screen. Data may be transmitted to a PC or printer via a bi-directional infra-red link using the opional Interface Cradle. An Interface Cable Kit is also available to permi alternative cable configurations to the standard 25-pin D-Shell RS232. A self-contained 40-column printer is available as an optional extra.

    The unit is supplied complete with Conductivity cell K=1 and batteries


       Conductivity             5 switched ranges 0 to 199.9 mS/cm
       TDS                      5 switched ranges 0 to 200 g/l
       Resistivity              0 to 20 Mohms
       Salinity                 0 to 99.9 g/l
       Temperature              - 10 to 105C/14 to 220F
       Conductivity             0.1 mS/cm, 0 01 mS/cm. 0 001 mS/cm
                                0.1 uS/cm 0.01 xS/cm
       TDS                      0.1 g/l, 0.01 g/l, 1 mg/l,
                                0.1 mg/l, 0.01 mg/l
       Resistivity              0.01 Mohms
       Salinity                 0.1 g/l
       Temperature              0.1 C/1 F
       Conductivity             +/-0.5%, +/-2 digits
       TDS                      +/-0.5%, +/-2 digits
       Resistivity              +/-0.5%, +/-2 digits
       Salinity                 0 to 35 +/-1 of reading
                                35 to 99.9 +/-3 of reading
       Temperature              +/-0.5C/+1 F
      Calibration               1, 2 or 3 pt
      Temperature compensation  Automatic 0 to 100C
      Temperature coefficient   0.00 to 4.00%/ C linear
      Cell constant             0.015 to 19.99 (digitally selectable)
      Probe type                Four plate configuration with ATC
      Reference temperature     18C, 20C, 25C (digitally selectable)
      Datalogging               100 readings of pH, temperature,
                                day and date
      Clock                     24hr, h/m/s or d/m/y, leap year corrected
      Outputs                   Infra-red RS232 data transmission
      Dimensions l x w x h      200 x 160 x 80 mm
      Weight                    370g
      Battery type              3 x AA 1 5V

    Ordering information
    C59-700 - Conductivity meter, portable Jenway 4200 - 545.00


      C59-702  Carrying case                             45.00
      C59-705  Replacement conductivity cell K=1        135.00
      C59-706  Conductivity standard 0 01 M KCI          11.70
      P25-660  Printer 40 column                        235.00
      P25-662  Interface cradle                         115.00
      P25-664  Interface cable kit                       45.00
      B28-230  Replacement battery 1-5V (3 required)      0.96

  • Laboratory Conductivity Meters Jenway models 4010/4020

    A choice of two meters, one manual the other automatic, for routine determinations of Conductivity.

    The 4010 model is a low cost general purpose unit having five selectable ranges each of which can be compensated to either 20C or 25C reference temperature. A separate temperature probe also allows direct temperature measurements from 30C to l50C. A zero control is provided for the 20uS/cm range to enable the elimination of effects from lead capacitance.

    The 4020 model is a nicroprocessor controlled instrument with auto- ranging from 0.01uS/cm to 1OOOmS/cm with slope adjustable automatic temperature compensation. A display of temperature is shown on an auxiliary display simultaneously with the conductivity reading. Further expansion of the range can be effected by use of the optional X10 and X0.1 conductivity cells.

    All data entry is via the membrane keypad and automatic monitonng of samples can be calried out using the dual Hi/Lo alarm facility. An optional stand-alone

    Clock/Printer module is available for this meter.


      Model                     4010                    4020
       Conductivity             0 to 199.9 mS/cm        0 to 1000 mS/cm
                                0 to 19.99 mS/cm        0 to 199.9 mS/cm
                                O to 1999  uS/cm        0 to 19.99 mS/cm
                                O to 99.9  uS/cm        0 to 1999 uS/cm
                                O to 19.99 uS/cm        0 to 199.9 uS/cm
       Temperature              -30 to 150C             0 to 100C
       Conductivity             0.1 mS/cm               1 mS/cm
                                0.01 mS/cm              0.1 mS/cm
                                1 uS/cm                 0.01 mS/cm
                                0.1 uS/cm               1 uS/cm
                                0.01 uS/cm              0.1 uS/cm
                                0.01 uS/cm
       Temperature              0.1C                    0.1C
       Conductivity             +/-0.5% +/-2 digits     +/-0.5% +/- 2 digits
                                                        +/-2% (1000 mS)
       Temperature              0.5C                    0.5C
      Temperature compensation  0 to 50C                0 to 100C
      Temperature coefficient   2% per C (fixed)        0.5 to 4% per C
      Excitation frequency      1 kHz                   Auto-selected for
                                                        optimal accuracV
      Reference temperature     20 to 25C               0 to 100C
                                (switchable)            (variable in 1C steps)
      Cell constant             0.75 to 1.50            0.015 to 19.99
                                (digitally selectable)  (digitally selectable)
      Analogue outputs          1 mV/digit              1 mV/digit
      Digital outputs                                   Centronics parallel
      LCD display               17mm                    20mm (conductivity)
                                                        10mm (temperature)
      Dimensions l x w x h mm   180 x 300 x 120         220 x 300 x 12C
      Weight kg                 1.5                     2
      Electrical requirements           240V 50/60 Hz - both models

    Ordering information
    C59-710 - Conductivity meter Jenway model 4010 - 535.00
    C59-715 - Conductivity meter Jenway model 4020 - 915.00

    Accessories for 4010 meter

      C59-636  Conductivity cell with ATC, K=1                    89.50
      C59-638  Conductivity cell with ATC, K=10                  185.20
      C59-640  Conductivity cell with ATC, K=0.1                 115.00
      C59-642  Conductivity cell with ATC, Flow through, K=1     115.00

    Accessories for 4020 meter

      C59-644  Conductivity cell with ATC, K=1                   89.50
      C59-646  Conductivity cell with ATC, K=10                 185.20
      C59-648  Conductivity cell with ATC, K=0.1                115.00
      C59-650  Conductivity cell wlth ATC, Flow through, K=1    115.00
      P25-645  Jensoft Data acquisition software, 3.5" diskette    48.50
      P25-650  Clock/Printer model 4025 Supplied with
               printer ribbon paper, interface cable,
               mains lead and instruction manual.               445.00

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