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  • Scientific Glassware available from Jepson Bolton

    The range of glassware available through our Company is too large to list suffice to say we can supply virtually any type of scientific glassware including, borosilicate or quartz jointed ware, bottles, burettes, stopcocks, vials, tubing, rod, beakers, condensers, sintered discs, volumetric ware, lab sets etc etc.

    Origin of the glassware we offer can be from the UK, Germany, Czech Republic or China. It just depends on the quality and the quantity in which you are interested.

    We are also able to offer a complete range of glassworking equipment from the Herbert Arnold factory in Germany. Catalogues available on request covering burners, cutting equipment, tools, lathes and grinding equipment.

    Please send your email requests listing the items required, quantity and any catalogue numbers you already have which we will recognise and be able to quote by return.

    Alternatively, we can airmail full literature with prices, discount structure and delivery schedule for your interest.

    NB.Scientific glassware is one of our Director's great loves, he has a many friends in the glassware industry and scours the world looking for the best sources on behalf of our clients so you are always sure of receiving the very best deals and advice on any application.

    * To request further information please Email
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