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  • Refractometer ABBE60 Standard model Bellingham & Stanley

    refractometer For the examination of oils, fats, optical glass, sugar solutions etc. The refractive index of substances between 1.300 and 1.700 is read directly to 0.001 and can be estimated to 0 0002 from the enclosed glass scale. An additional engraved glass scale, calibrated 0 to 95 x 0 5% Sugar, is provided for estimation of soluble solids in sugar solutions and fruit pulp etc. A sample of approximately 0.5ml is required. With protected thermometer, range 0 to 75C, horizontal prism surface, water jackets and dust cover. For illumination by transmitted or reflected artificial light. With scale illuminator comprising 4V lamp, transformer, ON/OFF switch and mains connector.


      Dimensions lxwxh          250 x 180 x 280mm
      Weight                    5kg
      Electrical requirements   240V 50Hz

    Ordering information
    R30-200 - Refractometer Abbe60 standard model - 2414.00
    R30-210 Thermometer Oto75C x1C - $16.00

  • Refractometer ABBE60 high accuracy model Bellingham & Stanley

    High accuracy version, similar to standard model but with linear scale and micrometer screw enabling refractive indices to be found with an accuracy of 0 00004 using tables provided For use with sodium light to eliminate border line colour. With protected thermometer, range 0 to 75C, horizontal prism surface water iackets, scale illuminator and dust cover.


      Dimensions lxwxh          250 x 180 x 280mm
      Weight                    5kg
      Electrical requirements   240V 50Hz

    Ordering information
    R30-250 Refractometer Abbe 60 High Accuracy model - 3371.00
    R30-210 Thermometer 0 to 75C x 1 C - 16.00
    R30-220 Monochrome Sodium lamp with support rod on base - 468.00
    R30-225 Spare sodium lamp bulb 35W - 35.00

  • Automatic Refractometers Bellingham & Stanley

    refractometer Fully automatic digital temperature compensated refractometers which offer not only objective results but a wide choice of scales and available as the standard model RFM90 or as the high accuracy model RFM91. Both versions are fitted with a prism of synthetic sapphire and the sample plate is made from 316 stainless steel conforming to all current food processing, health and safety regulations. Scale display is chosen by push button and the machines are factory calibrated and are ready for use.

    The RFM91 offers the facility to enter a user-defined scale to give a direct readout for particular products. Typical applications are teas, coffees, special sugars, vegetable oils, etc. The units are very robust, waterproof and are suitable for factory or laboratory use. The model RFM91 is provided with an RS232-V24 output for a printer or computer interfacing.

    Refractometers are supplied complete with sample press, test piece kit, spare bulb alignment cone desiccator element, screwdriver, 50 disposable pipettes, plastic cover and operating instructions.


    Model                      RFM90           RFM91
     Display range:
     Sugar%                    0to95+/-1        0to95+/-0.04
     Temp compensated sugar %  0 to 95 +/-1     0 to 95 +/- 0.064
     Refractive index R.l.     -                1.33300-1.52000 +/- 6x10-5
     Zeiss scale               -                14 to 105 +/- 0.02
     Oechsle scale            -                0 to 130 +/- 0.02
     Butyro scale              -                0 to 100 +/- 0.02
     Temperature C             0 to 50 +/- 0.1  0 to 80 +/- 0.1
    Sample illumination        Quartz Halogen   Quartz Halogen
    Dimensions lxwxh mm        431 x 210 x 218  460 x 210 x 235
    Weiqht kq                  16.0             16.5
    Electrical requirements    240V 50Hz        240V 50Hz

    Ordering information R30-302 - Automatic refractometer RFM330 - 4698.00
    R30-306 - Automatic refractometer accuracy model REM340 - 5602.00

  • Automatic Refractometers RFM300 range

    Automatic refractometers offering LCD display of refractive index with a variety of scales including 3 user-defined scales; four models to cover most requirements in terms of accuracy and process adaptation. All models have a synthetic sapphire prism with 316 stainless steel prism plate.

    The units offer push-button operation and calibration and optional accessories include flow cells, data printer and circulators for temperature controlled determinations with models RFM320 and RFM340 which have circulation facilities throuqh the sample press. Units are supplied complete with spare desiccator, 50 disposable pipettes, RS232 data output and instruction manual.


    Model                RFM310        RFM320        RFM330       RFM340
     Sugar %             0 to 50       0 to 50       0 to 95      0 to 95
     Refractive index    1.33 to 1.42  1.33 to 1.42  1.33 to 1.53 1.33 to 1.53
    Sugar %             +/-0.1      >+/-0.03      +/-0.01      >+/-0.03
    Refractive index    +/-0.0001   +/-0.00004    +/-0.0001    +/0.00004
    Sugar%              0.1         0.01 or 0.1   0.1          0.01 or 0.1
    Refractive index    0.0001      0.00001       0.0001       0.00001
                                                               or 0.0001
    Reading update time 3.5secs     3.5secs       6.5secs      6.5secs
    Dimensions lxwxh mm 290x210x160 290x210x160   290x210x160  290x210x160
    Weight kg           6.2         6.2           6.2          6.2
    Electrical requirements       240V 50Hz - all models

    Ordering information
    R30-400 - Automatic digital refractometer RFM310 - 3976.00
    R30-405 - Automatic digital refractometer RFM320 - 4969.00
    R30-410 - Automatic digital refractometer RFM330 - 4698.00
    R30-415 - Automatic digital refractometer RFM340 - 5602.00
    R30-420 - Micro flow cell - 648.00
    R30-422 - Funnelflowcell - 835.00
    R30-424 - Macroflowcell - 630.00

  • Automatic refractometers Bellingham and Stanley RFM500 series

    This refractometer system has been designed to completely fulfil laboratory refractometric requirements. Customised data handling provides storage of results against specific files with times, dates and reference codes and also carries out the repetitive calculations which are so often required. The basic instrumentation comprises a refractometer sensor head and a control module. The moisture sealed sensor head incorporates an easily cleaned sapphire prism, sample press with water circulation, temperature sensor and connection for a flow cell with the prism either horizontal or vertical.

    The control module provides readout of any of the ten availale scales on a large display and a small help screen shows current status and labels the four soft keys which allow access to the data handling and calculation menus. A Centronics port allows connection to a printer or LIMS system and two RS232 bidirectional interfaces are also provided. A parallel control port can provide switching of pumps, valves or autosamplers, providing total control within a system


      Model                    RFM 510           RFM 520
      Scales                   Sugar 0 to 50%    Sugar 0 to 90%
                               RI 1.33 to 1.42   RI 1.33 to 1.54
      Accuracy                 +/-0.03% sugar    +/-0.03% sugar
                               +/-0.0004 RI      +/-0.0004 RI
      Resolution               0.01% sugar       0.01% sugar
                               0.00001 RI        0.00001 RI
      Update time secs         3.5               6.5
      Temperature range C      5 to 60           5 to 60
      Data interfaces          Centronics plus 2 x RS 232
       sensor module lxwxh mm  205 x 132 x 153   205 x 132 x 153
       control module lxwxh mm 255 x 215 x 207   255 x 215 x 207
       sensor module kg        3.7               3.7
       control module kg       5.0               5.0
      Electrical requirements  240V 50Hz         240V 50Hz

    Ordering information

    R30-502 - Automatic digital refractometer RFM342 - 5991.00

  • Accessories

    Ordering information
    R30-420 - Micro Flow cell - £698.00
    R30-422 - Funnel Flow cell - £835.00
    R30-424 - Macro flow cell - £630.00

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