Jepson Bolton's International Catalogue
Model 6500 series UV/visible Spectrophotometers
  • High performance scanning
  • Mouse control with graphical user interface
  • Superior split beam optics
  • Flexible software method and spectra storage
  • Customisable software methods
  • Kinetics or multiple wavelength analysis


Wavelength range 6500 320-1100nm
6505 190-1100nm
Wavelength resolution 0.1nm
Wavelength accuracy 1nm
Spectral bandwidth 1.8nm
Stray light bettter than 0.05%
Drift less than 10-3 A/hour
Noise less than 10-4 A
Concentration units ppb, ppm, ugl-1, mgl-1, gl-1
Derivative spectra 1st 4th

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