Jepson Bolton's International Catalogue


    Comark Electronic Digital Thermometers

    KM330     -50C to + 1300C                            67.00
    KM340     differential -50C to + 1300C               79.00

    KM450S -50C to +800C 117.00 KM42 -200C to + 1372C 133.00 KM43 with hold and min/max, -200C to + 1372C 150.00 KM44 differential and hold, -200C to + 1372C 164.00

    KM44Kit Heating & Ventilating Kit - contains I x KM44 Thermometer, 265.00 2 x SK29M pipe probes, 1 x SK21M surface probe, 1 x AK28M flexible thermocouple, 1 x AK27M air/liquid probe in fitted carrying case.

    KM45 Digital Thermometer, C and F, hold and min/max 164.00 Type K -200C to + 1372C, Type J -200C to + 1200C, Type T -200C to +400C

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